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Exclusive Food Products

1. Sai Oua


Sai Oua sold at street markets.

Sai Oua is a grilled Thai sausage, usually sold at street markets in coils roughly around 5 inches long. If sold in restaurants, it is normally sold with Nam Prik Ong as a dip.

‘Sai’ means intestine while ‘oua’ means to stuff or to fill. Though it is traditionally stuffed using pork intestine, Thais found that using pork shoulder tastes just as good.

Ingredients include turmeric, garlic, shallots, galangal, lemongrass, dried chilies, coriander root, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce and curry powder. As for presentation in restaurants, mint leaves are sometimes placed on the side of the plate to add color.

Thai Mango Chutney

2. Thai Mango Chutney

Thai Mango Chutney is a jam produced using mangoes from the Uraiwan Farm in Chiang Mai by Little Spoon. The mangoes from the Uraiwan Farm are very sweet, and hence the Thai Mango Chutney’s sugar content is low, with slightly more vinegar added into it.

According to Little Spoon themselves, the Thai Mango Chutney goes perfectly with cheese and meat. It can also be eaten by itself.

Little Spoon promises that there are no preservatives or artificial flavorings added. It can be bought in certain malls in Chiang Mai such as Tops Market Airport Plaza, or in restaurants like 137 Pillars House.

Unique flavours of chocolate produced by Siamaya Chocolate.

3. Thai Milk Tea milk chocolate

Thai Milk Tea milk chocolate from Siamaya Chocolate is made using cocoa beans farmed from Chiang Mai Valley. After farming cocoa beans and creating milk chocolate, Siamaya Chocolate adds a Thai Tea extract into the mix to give it a flavor beloved by Thais. Besides cocoa beans, the chocolate also used cane sugar, organic sunflower lecithin and cocoa mass. The chocolate is made within their chocolate factory in Chiang Mai.

No additional preservatives or flavor is added into the chocolate. Its packaging is created by local artists in Chiang Mai, who collaborated with Siamaya Chocolate to support one another.

The Thai Milk Tea chocolate is sold in the official Siamaya Chocolate shop in Chiang Mai, as well as in different restaurants, cafes and bakeries all over Thailand, such as Food4Thought.


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