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In Chiang Mai

Restaurant 1: Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant (Chiang Mai)

Address 1: Ratchapruek Rd, Tambon Nong Kwai, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50230, Thailand

Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant.

Described as an “imaginary jungle”, Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant has 2 outlets in Thailand, one situated in Mae Sot District and another in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. The Khaomao-Khaofang restaurant in Chiang Mai is surrounded by graceful waterfalls and a variety of blooming flowers and greenery which offers diners a unique experience of “dining in the rainforest”. Finding the restaurant may be tricky as it is not located near tourist areas; getting your own transportation is recommended.

It is best to book a reservation to avoid disappointment if you are unable to get a table as the restaurant is quite well-known among locals and will definitely get crowded.

Awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, there is a reason why diners chose to dine here when they come to Chiang Mai. They certainly enjoy not only the experience at the restaurant but also the authentic Thai cuisine that they serve. Though not the most affordable in terms of food prices, the unique experience makes up for it.

Diners can choose to eat a wide variety of Thai, regional and authentic seasonal dishes or they can choose to eat other cuisines such as the western cuisine. Some categories of dishes that they have are ‘salads’, ‘fried rice & noodles’, ‘curry’, ‘catfish’, ‘desserts’ and of course the ‘Northern Thai dishes’. Under these categories are the different dishes they have.

Dishes that are considered a staple and special to Chiang Mai are the famous Sai Ua (grilled sausage), Laab Kua (spicy pan-fried minced meat salad), Nam Prik Ong (chili dip) with vegetables and Kaeng Hang Le (northern-Thai sweet curry) and Khaomao-Khaofang restaurant serve these dishes at their restaurant.

All in all, if people were to visit Chiang Mai and don’t mind spending a little bit more money on Northern Thai dishes and wants to have a unique ‘dining in the rainforest’ experience, Khaomao-Khaofang restaurant is the place to dine.

Menu Excerpt from Khaomao-Kaofang Restaurant.
Northern Thai Spicy Minced Pork Salad from Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant.

Restaurant 2: Huen Muan Jai Restaurant

Address 2: 24 Ratchaphuek Alley, Tambon Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand

Huen Muan Jai restaurant, located in Ratchaphruek Road in Chiang Mai, is the place for diners who want to have the taste of authentic Northern Thailand cuisine (also known as Lanna food).

Even though the local restaurant does not have much information about it available online, they are known to have many good reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, FourSquare and Google Reviews. On average, they are rated as a 4.2 – 4.5 star restaurant based on 100-800 reviews based on the platforms mentioned above.

Situated in an old-style wooden deckhouse and furnished with wooden furniture, it is often described by diners as homey and cozy while dining here. Finding the restaurant is quite easy as it is not too far away from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar (around 15 mins drive). Do take note that the waiting time might be long if diners come after 5 p.m.

The restaurant serves such a wide variety of dishes from the Northern Thai cuisine that diners can choose from. Other than serving the popular Northern Thai dishes such as Khao Soi and Soi Aua, they do serve Lanna dishes such as Gaeng Pla-Chon (spicy soup with fish Northern Style), Kab Moo (deep fried pork rind), Tam Khanun (spicy pounded raw jackfruit salad) and many more. Below are some pictures that are taken by a diner who posted on TripAdvisor. Diners still go for Gaeng Hang Lay (Northern pork curry) and it is one of the more popular dishes.

The local Lanna food experience here in the Huen Muan Jai restaurant is the reason why it is so well-known and loved by diners. It is definitely a must-go restaurant when tourists visit Chiang Mai.

Huen Muan Jai Restaurant
Huen Muan Jai Restaurant
Menu of Huen Muan Jai Restaurant
Menu of Huen Muan Jai Restaurant

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