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In Singapore

Restaurant 1: Tamarind Hill Singapore (by Villa Samadhi Singapore)

A sign pointing to where the restaurant is located.

Address 1: 30 Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119189

Tamarind Hill Singapore is a restaurant within a historic colonial bungalow. It is located at the heart of the Labrador Nature Reserve, a 2-minute walk away from the 5-star hotel, Villa Samadhi Singapore. The restaurant is surrounded by Labrador Nature Reserve’s captivating beauty. Its idyllic ambience and well-decorated building (1856 British army building) creates a unique environment for diners’ to dine.

Tamarind Hill Singapore has a good reputation on TripAdvisor (a reliable travel and restaurant review website) where they have rated as 4 stars based on 341 reviews. Hence, they were awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by TripAdvisor. It is best to book the restaurant in advance to get a table.

The interior of Tamarind Hill Singapore.

Tamarind Hill Singapore mainly focuses on Thai and Shan (Burmese) cuisines. This can be seen in the lunch menu in the appendix. They have different categories of food that they serve, namely appetizers, noodle & rice and soup.

Some well-known dishes they serve that originate from the northern Thai cuisine are Khow Soy Kai (or Khao Soi, a curry egg noodle), Sai Aue (or Sai Oua, a grilled herb sausage) and Nam Prik Ong (red/green chili dip with a tomato-based paste mixed with ground pork). These Northern Thai dishes (also known as Lanna food) are influenced by countries such as Burma and China, due to the countries nearby the geographic location.

Other dishes they have on their menu that originate from places other than Northern Thai are Sago Nam Kra Thai (sago with honeydew), Lab Pha Salmon (salmon cube salad tossed in spices) and Gai Yang Tah Khai (roasted chicken with garlic and lemongrass).

Tamarind Hill Singapore is not your average Thai restaurant in Singapore with the food prices, the authenticity of food served and location-wise. However, the unique experience of being able to dine in the Labrador Nature Reserve and eating authentic Northern Thai dishes will surely satisfy diners.

Khao Soi, as served by Tamarind Hill Singapore.

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