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Notable Beverages

  1. Blossom Weizen by Chiang Mai Beer

The Bavarian Hefeweiss beer, inspired by the fine summer evenings of Northern Thailand, has a balanced scent of bananas, floral touches as well as clove.

Having a slightly sweet and citrusy taste, the Blossom Weizen beer was awarded in the 2017 World Beer Awards as a country winner.

The 5% beer uses raw fang wheat, cultivated in Chiang Mai, as one of the ingredients.

A 330ml beer bottle of Blossom Weizen.
Chiang Mai Blossom Weizen.

2. Angel’s Espresso by Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee spans over 200 acres and is the only Thai coffee farm certified as bird-friendly by the Smithsonian. Paradise Mountain Organic Farm can be found high above sea level in the Northern Chiang Mai.

Angel’s Espresso is a rich organic espresso that has a rare combination of six origin beans that make the coffee richer and smoother. It is slightly sweet with wine undertones and also contains dry mocha.

As the company itself says, this coffee is meant to be taken on its own, so as to really savor the taste.

A pack of Angel’s Espresso coffee, as sold by Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee.

3. Lanna Green by Monsoon Tea

Lanna Green by Monsoon Tea.
Lanna Green tea packet.

Monsoon Tea is a company that produces sustainable tea from Northern Thailand and specializes in wild and free tea.

One of their products, Lanna Green, is a green tea that has a malty flavor that is very balanced with a woody undertone.

The tea originates from Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, and the leaves of this tea come from the Camellia Sinensis Assamica plant, which is indigenous to the Thai highlands.

Lanna Green tea leaves.

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