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Development (Past to Present)

Chiang Mai’s cuisine is influenced by its neighboring countries such as Myanmar and China, ever since many decades ago. This is due to trade routes, immigration as well as globalization. These said influences come in the use of herbs and spices, such as curry leaves or coriander seeds. Other influences come in the form of kitchenware used, such as the traditional steel wok used for frying.

Communal eating, important in the customs of Thailand.

Chiang Mai’s cuisine has changed a lot since the past. These days, much of their food has many different international influences. The use of cheese in what was once traditional chili paste (known as Nam Prik Ong) is just one of the examples of international influences in traditional Chiang Mai food of today. Nowadays, many people have also decided to pair red wine with Thai Beef Salad, claiming that it is a good culinary pairing for two different palettes. Tannins in the red wine melt the fats in the beef, producing even more flavor than usual when paired together.

One of the things that has never changed about Chiang Mai’s cuisine is the way food is being eaten; communally. Thais have always believed in eating and enjoying meals as a family – a trait also shared by its neighbors.


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