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Food Festival and Food Market

Food Festival

In Chiang Mai, there is an annual Chiang Mai Food Festival that is held at the Chiang Mai Airport Plaza. It is organized by the Chiang Mai restaurant club.

The Chiang Mai Food Festival is an event for where many different Thai foods (for instance Northern food and cuisines) are put on sale for people to enjoy.

Not only are there food and cuisines for everyone to enjoy, but also other attractions such as performances from invited artists, live music and food demonstration too.

A poster promoting Chiang Mai’s annual Food Festival in 2018

Food Market

Wararot Market.

The chosen traditional food market in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the well known Warorot Market also known as ‘Kad Luang’ by the locals as the other half is Talad Ton Lam Yai market. It is one of the historical landmarks in Chiang Mai. It is known for its wide range of famous Chiang Mai food.

In addition, it is the longest standing market in Chiang Mai. The Warorot market is located at Chiang Moi Road, close to the River Ping in the north of Chiang Mai’s night bazaar. The indoor market is open from 9AM-6PM but there are outdoor evening food vendors that will open from 6PM-10PM or later.  

The 3-storey building was first built in the 1900s. It not only sells food but other items as well. These include souvenirs, cosmetics products, clothes and many other varieties of goods. The market sells traditional and famous food such as Nam Prik Ong and Khao Soi.  

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

Since Warorot Market is located near the north of Chiang Mai’s night bazaar, it is a plus point for both locals and travelers who enjoy food. Both places have local snacks and ready-to-eat meals for them to enjoy. Therefore, it was stated that the Warorot Market is a place where travelers can have first-hand experience into local life.

Recently, the market has also added a mixture of different cultures such as Chinese, Muslim, Indian and Western to their products. This may also be due to the boat trading activities in the past between Chiang Mai and Bangkok.


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