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Known for their many different types of chili and spices used, Thailand’s spicy food is one of the best.

Thai Basil Pork with Rice.

Green Curry, Tom Yum Koong, Basil Pork with Rice; these are merely examples of dishes that can burn your tongue in seconds. (Though spice levels are usually customizable.)

However, spicy food is not the main thing that Thai food should be known for. There is a wide range of seasoned meat, fresh vegetables that far outweigh the overrated taste of spicy food.

We should not just associate Thailand with its’s spicy food as there is a lot more that Thailand offers.

Street Food

Though Thailand’s street food is one of the best in the region, it is not actually traditional. Yes, it is part of their culture at this point in time, but it was not always there.

Thai street food originated as food items that housewives used to prepare for their family before they realized that they could sell it for other people to enjoy. Variations in the food then came along and slowly, street food began to popularise itself among the locals.

Thai Street Food.

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